7.9.11 Saturday – fireworks tonight! (come if you can)

so tonight, Zack is lighting off the fireworks – I’ll post pics tonight or tomorrow.
Stop on by if you can – should be a good show ( … he $pent enuff on it!! : )

Weather looks like it’ll cooperate:

Click for Lowell, Michigan Forecast

and this is weather for Traverse City:
Click for Traverse City, Michigan Forecast

Garden doing splendid – even the tomatoes are doing better (well, sorta).
Trying something new with the tomatoes: I’d read that if you chop up banana peels and crumble egg shells, and put them in the dirt next to tomato plants, they do much better – the banana peels have much needed potassium and the egg shells have much needed calcium. I also mixed in some more coffee grounds – helps to deter crawly pests (leave those on top of the soil, however – cuts into their body >:)

These pics are from last night – didn’t post yesterday because the batteries were low when I got out to the garden (of course) so I trudged back into the house, loaded the batteries into the charger then went on about my day – didn’t get back to taking pics until late in the day – and by the time I finished the outside projects and got back in the house, I didn’t have the energy to upload, crop then post in here. (so much for my posting every day … sigh)

Evening Sun … looking northwest

rows of corn are getting big:

squash is getting big:

chickens are getting big:

tomatoes … not so much:


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